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LinkedIn+AI: What You Need to Know

LinkedIn amped up their AI offerings for premium subscribers early in November 2023. According to LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer, Tomer Cohen, here are the new AI features:

Actionable Takeaways - AI can analyze posts in your feed, summarize key information, and identify salient opportunities. LinkedIn is also leveraging Microsoft Bing to provide timely, succinct information about current events.

Tools for Job Seekers - AI can help find your dream role, assess if the job is a good fit for you, assist in identifying ideal ways to position yourself, build your confidence, and identify connections who can attest to the company’s culture.

These features join AI-powered LinkedIn Premium enhancements released earlier in 2023 such as:

  • Tailored AI-powered profile suggestions

  • AI-powered messaging suggestions to engage with hiring managers.

  • A custom call-to-action button for your LinkedIn profile

  • “Top Choice Job” designations to signal to recruiters your interest in a role. 

More AI features are sure to come for Premium users, especially for job seekers. There is just one issue…If everyone is using it, how do you set yourself apart?

The Real Talk

Imagine this scenario. Three LinkedIn Premium subscribers are looking to apply for the same position. Each uses LinkedIn's generative AI features to identify ways to stand out. Will each receive a completely unique response to set them apart? Not likely. AI pulls keywords and skills from the job description and suggests those skills. It's similar to how Applicant Tracking Systems identify keywords in a resume. If each candidate takes the AI-generated suggestions, who stands out? No one. 

An optimized profile that showcases your experience and relevant skills is key to success on LinkedIn. Those pieces are also foundational for leveraging AI capabilities. Yes, you can use AI to enhance your profile but the key word is “enhance”. AI uses what you input to offer an improved output. If the input isn’t great, what can you expect of the output? 

Generative AI is an innovative tool,, but it cannot be the only tool in your arsenal. 

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(1) Cohen, Tomer. Celebrating 1 Billion Members with Our New AI-Powered LinkedIn Premium Experience to Elevate Your Career. LinkedIn. 1 November 2023.

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