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Our Team

Why Choose My Resume Team?

We are a team of resume writers, coaches, consultants and business strategists with a combined 55+ years of experience in recruiting and talent management. We know precisely what HR professionals and hiring managers are looking for in your resume.  With our personalized approach, we craft a perfect resume for you that helps you to stand out among the sea of candidates.

Our Expertise:


As Human Resources experts, we have significant experience writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for every imaginable position and in any industry you can think of. Below are the types of candidates we’ve worked with from a variety of industries and companies.​

  • Types of Candidates:  Director of Sales, Executive Assistant, Nurse Manager, COO, Field Superintendent, Marketing Coordinator, Account Executive, Phlebotomist, Supply Chain Analyst, and IT Specialist, to name a few.

  • Types of Industries:  Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Sales, Software, Supply Chain, Medical, Oil and Gas, Start-Ups, Consulting, Non-Profits, and IT, to name a few.

  • Companies:  Amazon, Wells Fargo, Kosmos Energy, Cambridge Homes, McAfee, GM, The Container Store, Southwest Airlines, and many more.


Kelly Simants

Founder & CEO

Kelly Simants brings 25 years of experience in HR  for major companies such as Starbucks and Accenture. Today, she uses her unique expertise to lead job seekers through the traditionally daunting career search process with ease. Kelly has coached hundreds of  candidates, positioning them for success to land the role of their dreams.  When she is not empowering job seekers, you can find Kelly enjoying a game of tennis and spending time with her husband and two sons. 


Learn more about her here: 


Nikki Otte

Resume Consultant

Nikki Otte is a skilled resume writer with a passion for serving others who leverages her expertise to help job seekers secure their dream roles. She is passionate about transforming a candidate’s experience, education, and skillset into a powerful narrative that helps them stand out above the crowd. When she isn’t crafting compelling copy or helping career candidates shine with a top-notch resume, Nikki is relishing time with her husband, Cameron, and son, Liam, making memories in their new family home.


Learn more about her here:


Carrie Adelmann

Director of Operations

Carrie Adelmann is Kelly’s right hand for strategy and streamlined operations at My Resume Team. Carrie brings a wealth of experience in business development, entrepreneurship, strategic growth, and leadership. As the Director of Operations, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s growth strategy and creating the operational efficiencies that allow MRT to better serve career candidates. When she isn’t strategizing or systematizing, Carrie can be found soaking up the sun and making memories with her daughter, Ella. 


Learn more about her here: 

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