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Work one-on-one with our CEO, Kelly Simants who utilizes her 25+ years as an active Certified Senior HR Consultant and Recruiter to elevate your professional online presence. In today's digital landscape, LinkedIn has become a pivotal platform for networking, job hunting, and building your personal brand. Our LinkedIn Optimization service is designed to transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool for career advancement.

WHAT'S Included

Profile Enhancement: Kelly crafts a compelling LinkedIn profile that not only highlights your professional accomplishments but also aligns with your career goals. She'll optimize your profile summary, work experience, skills, and endorsements to make you stand out to potential employers and connections.


Keyword Optimization: She'll strategically incorporate industry-specific keywords and phrases to increase your profile's visibility in searches, ensuring you're discoverable by recruiters and decision-makers in your field.


Strategic Content Creation: She'll assist in crafting engaging posts and articles that position you as an industry thought leader, building your credibility and expanding your network.


Networking Strategies: You'll unlock the potential of LinkedIn by learning effective networking strategies and best practices to connect with peers, industry influencers, and potential employers.


Profile Maintenance: Kelly will provide guidance from an HR and Recruiting perspective on keeping your profile current and relevant as your career evolves, ensuring it always reflects your latest achievements and aspirations.

What to Expect

Step 1: Client Questionnaire

We'll provide you with a comprehensive questionnaire to gather essential information about your career, goals, and LinkedIn objectives. This questionnaire will help us understand your unique strengths and aspirations.


Step 2: 30-Minute Kick-off Consultation

After receiving your completed questionnaire, you'll schedule a 30-minute kick-off consultation with our  CEO, Kelly Simants. During this meeting, she'll delve deeper into your career goals and target audience on LinkedIn. She'll also discuss your preferred branding and messaging.


Step 3: Profile Optimization

Following the kick-off consultation, our Kelly will use the insights gained to optimize your LinkedIn profile. This includes:

  • Crafting a compelling summary that tells your professional story and highlights your expertise.

  • Optimizing your work experience section to emphasize key accomplishments and align with your current career goals.

  • Selectively incorporating industry-specific keywords to enhance your profile's searchability.

  • Strategically organizing your skills and endorsements.

  • Providing guidance on professional photo selection and header customization.

  • Ensuring your profile reflects best practices for professional branding.


Step 4: Profile Review & Consultation (30-Minute Session)

Once the profile optimization is complete, we'll schedule a 30-minute session with you to review the changes made to your LinkedIn profile. During this session, we'll cover:

  • How to effectively use LinkedIn for networking, job hunting, and building your personal brand.

  • Strategies to engage with your network, including posting content and connecting with industry peers.

  • Best practices for maintaining an up-to-date and impactful LinkedIn profile as your career evolves.

  • Tips for leveraging your optimized profile to attract recruiters and potential employers.


With our step-by-step LinkedIn Optimization process, you'll have a polished and strategically designed LinkedIn profile that not only represents your professional journey but also helps you achieve your career goals. Kelly will guide you through every stage, ensuring you make the most out of this essential professional networking platform.

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