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See what our customers are saying about My Resume Team!


HIRE My Resume Team!!!!! … I absolutely saw immediate results. I got an interview for a dream position … 4 days later, I had an offer. 

– Kirby 

The process of creating a complete resume and cover letter, plus updating my LinkedIn profile, was flawless."

­­– Kristen S.

Knowledgeable, professional and courteous!  It was such a pleasure to work with Kelly! She was very encouraging and helped me greatly with my resume and cover letter. She helped me find job leads and showed me where to look for jobs. Kelly was very quick in getting my resume and cover letter to me! They were done very nicely and professionally. I loved working with Kelly! I highly recommend her to help you in your job search!               

– Jennifer 

My Resume Team went above and beyond to help me fine-tune my resume…I can't thank My Resume Team enough for the guidance and expertise as I close in on my dream role!"­­­­­ – Yaw

My Resume Team took the time to get to know me and understand what I was looking for.  I would recommend My Resume Team one hundred percent!  ­­­­­– Tonya 

A huge thank you for helping hubby with his resume. He landed a job in Texas!! He had sent out dozens upon dozens of resumes for a year, with no luck whatsoever. THANK YOU!!!!!!  – Kirsten H.

Kelly Simants exceeded all of my expectations. She has constructed a better resume than I could ever create. She is so easy to work with and extremely professional and attentive. She has an extraordinary ability to have you feeling special and valued. She knows the business better than anyone I know. I highly recommend using Kelly's resume writing services before you consider applying for your next job.

– Adam

My Resume Team's knowledge and expertise of the job market helped me quickly understand the fields I was qualified for… so easy to work with. I wish I would have come to My Resume Team sooner.  – James 

… a dream to work with! My Resume Team positioned me and my skills for a competitive job market search. I absolutely recommend My Resume Team!  ­­­­­– Allison

As a soon to be college graduate, my resume needed to be reworked.  I was looking for someone who would take the time to talk to me about my work experience rather than just rewording what I currently had.  I am thankful for my referral to Kelly.  She did such a great job, and I now have a resume I am very proud of! - Tish

If you are looking for someone to help you with your resume and/or guide you, reach out to Kelly Simants.  My husband is transitioning from a 24-year career in the Army, into the corporate world.  He had been applying for positions for three months with no results at all.  Kelly re-wrote his resume and cover letter, ensuring it had the right keywords that would improve his chances with the applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by many companies.  Immediately after submitting the new resume, he began to see results! Kelly was very knowledgeable and delivered on time.  Highly recommend her if you’re looking for a new job, making a career change, or need some coaching.  – Milly

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