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Cover Letter Tips and Tricks

There are so many different opinions on whether you need a cover letter, what should be included, and why they matter. Read on to learn what we have to say about cover letters as well as a few tips! You may hear differences of opinions when it comes to cover letters. Some say you don't need them; others say you do. We are in the camp that you should absolutely include a cover letter when you can with your resume. Here is why:

  • Helps you to stand out from the sea of candidates in the marketplace. If you take the time to not only write your cover letter but customize it - you're much more likely to get noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager.

  • When you customize your cover letter, be sure to speak to the company's values and mission/values. You can usually find these on their website in the About or Careers section(s). If not, doing a quick online search to read about the company will help you to discover what they are about so you can speak to their brand and culture.

  • Cover letters help you to tell you story more than a resume can. For example, if you're wanting to pursue another industry you can discuss how your past experience translates into that new industry. Or, if you've been a stay-at-home parent and you're wanting to transition into corporate, you can explain how your recent volunteer work in the community sets you up perfectly to pursue a Community Outreach role, as an example.

Be sure your cover letter is concise, formatted so it is easy to read, and keep it to one page - think of it as your elevator pitch. What are you wanting to convey to a recruiter or hiring manager within 30 seconds of them reading about you? That is what you want to write about in your cover letter. Show them how awesome you are! If you would like us to customize a cover letter template for you, we would love to help! For more information and to sign up for our services, visit: COVER LETTER | My Resume Team

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