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How do I change careers?

So many of you these days are looking to transition into another industry. The pandemic has really challenged each of us to assess what is important to us. It has caused many to realize they want to do something different with their career and pursue something they are more passionate about - and ultimately more fulfilling. Here are just a few tips as you consider transitioning into a different industry:

  1. Do not discredit your experience. Just because you are wanting to pursue a different industry does NOT mean you don’t have the qualifications the company is looking for. Example: if you have been in Event Planning for 10 years and are looking to pursue Human Resources, you have so many competencies and skills that are transferrable. Event planners manage all kinds of relationships and navigate conflict management/employee relations issues. They manage significant budgets, often partner with high-level executives and senior leaders of organizations to produce events, and they also oversee complex project management activities. Event Planners have a strong aptitude for dealing with high stress scenarios, and can leverage their calm demeanor in a demanding HR function. All these skills are transferrable to the Human Resources world and would be a huge asset to a company.

  1. Have confidence! We talk to candidates every day who are not confident that they can do anything other than what they went to school for (or anything other than the career they’ve had for 15 years). You must have belief in yourself, that you CAN transition into another industry and WILL be successful! Sure, it might take some time to navigate the transition but it is possible and we help candidates understand how to do this every day.

  1. Seek advice! Ask your friends, family, even previous colleagues you trust – what they think you would excel at if you were to do something different. They know you well and can be honest with what they think your strengths are! They may be able to help you identify industries or types of jobs that you would never have thought of considering. We can provide this counsel to you as well, and love exploring options with candidates. Check out our career coaching services for more info!

If you have any further questions we are happy to provide our services to anyone looking to switch up their career path! Make sure to check out our services and see if there is something we can help you with to increase your chances of finding your dream position!

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