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How to use LinkedIn Job Alerts

Do you have job alerts set? Let's make sure you're staying on top of job openings as they arise!

In your LinkedIn account, go to this Job Alerts icon. If you already have alerts set up, make sure you keep in mind the following: - Are the job titles you have set in the alerts specific? Example: let's say you are looking for a mid-level Marketing role. Be sure you set alerts for titles like Marketing Associate, Senior Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Marketing Analyst, and so on. You can set alerts for each of those titles so that LinkedIn will email you (either daily or weekly, depending on how you set them up). Including several job alerts will ensure you are casting the net wide enough for positions that come open, and you can apply for them immediately. The sooner you can apply to positions these days, the better, as companies are able to close jobs quickly. - Don't limit your job alerts to the city you reside in or cities near you. With the pandemic, so many roles are remote now - so companies are offering remote jobs all over the country. Given the example above, you can set alerts for "Marketing Associate" and the location can be Dallas, TX for one of the alerts...and then set another alert for "Marketing Associate" but have the location be "Remote". You will receive completely different results with the Remote alert than you would with a city specific alert. - Spend 30 minutes a day working through your job alerts to scan for positions you're interested in applying for. Sometimes the job search process is a numbers game, and the more jobs you can apply for, the better chance you're going to have of getting noticed. What job alerts do you have set? Be sure to not only check LinkedIn, but other recruiting platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. also have job alert options you can set. We hope this is helpful, and as always let us know how we can help!

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