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Professional Resume 


In the sea of candidates, it can be difficult to get noticed. When we fully revamp your resume, you’ll want to hire yourself!

Included with your Professional Resume:

  • Initial ConsultationShare your career goals, challenges, and job prospects with one of our senior HR Consultants to help us craft a resume that optimizes your position in the marketplace!

  • New Resume Process: Based on your career goals, we craft a newly formatted resume with an applicant tracking friendly template and embed keywords throughout your resume.  As a result, you will receive both a Word and PDF version of your resume that will significantly increase your chances of getting through the systems, and help you stand out compared to other candidates.

  • 30 Minute Resume Review Call: Partner with us to review and evaluate your revamped resume and request any edits or revisions. We’ll walk you through your polished, new and improved resume!

  • Final Edits & Revisions: Final requests, edits, and revisions will be made to your customized resume. You’ll then start submitting your resume in the marketplace and keep us posted when you land your dream job!


Why a New Resume?

  • Keywords Are Everything: Leveraging our AI technology and HR expertise, we embed keywords throughout your resume that are necessary to ensure you have a greater chance of getting through the applicant tracking systems (ATS) companies use to recruit and hire talent.

  • Get Found: Beat the job-site resume robots and help recruiters find you!

  • Navigate Transitions: Whether you’re wanting to change industries, or a stay at home parent who wants to transition back to the workplace, we will help you to identify and market transferable skills and experience in your resume.

  • Data-Driven Formatting: Resumes are effective, readable (even by robots), and accessible across email and diverse job search platforms.

*Please note: our average turnaround time is 3 weeks start to finish

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