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Prefer to participate in a LIVE session with Kelly so you can ask your specific LinkedIn questions??  Check out our LinkedIn LIVE course!! 


Whether you’re looking to build your brand as a professional, engage & connect, showcase your skills, or land your dream job - LinkedIn is the place to be! If you’re new to the platform, find it a bit overwhelming, or want to learn all our tips & tricks, you'll want to be a part of LinkedIn with Kelly Simants: Expert Tips for Optimization, Networking, & Engagement!


Join us as Kelly Simants, the #HRlady, walks through…

✓ What It Really Means To ‘Optimize’ Your LinkedIn: Discover the secrets to maximizing your profile visibility and attracting the right opportunities.


Exploring The Different Areas Of LinkedIn: Gain a deeper understanding of each section of your LinkedIn profile and why they're crucial for success.


Decoding Recruiter Searches: Uncover what recruiters are searching for on LinkedIn and learn how to tailor your profile to capture their attention.


Leveraging Skills for Visibility: Master the art of showcasing your skills effectively to ensure recruiters can find you easily.


Crafting a Compelling About Section: Learn how to craft an engaging About section that captures your unique story and expertise.


Writing an Interesting Headline: Discover the power of a compelling headline and how to craft one that sets you apart.


Genuine Networking on LinkedIn: Dive into effective networking strategies that foster genuine connections and opportunities.


You'll receive actionable insights, expert guidance, and practical tips to transform your LinkedIn presence and propel your career forward.

LinkedIn with Kelly Simants


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